Anne Lamott is an American writer who is one of the most famous voices on the topic of harnessing the creative spirit today.

She has a book called Bird by Bird which I have never read, and will have to read since I am writing this post. But the premise of this phrase is that when she was a little girl, her brother was struggling with finishing a project on birds for school. Their dad instructed him to just take it, "bird by bird".

I feel like all life should be bird by bird. If you want to make an album, each song is a bird that has to be taken one at a time. Inside each song you have to take each section bird by bird.

All work at your desk is bird by bird. You have a list that is out of control? Full screen one task at a time. Don't let any distractions in until you finish a task.

Having difficulties with a life situation in general? Each hour is a bird that you take to find a sense of calmness with yourself.

The thinking mind doesn't want you to take things bird by bird. It sadly often wants you to do nothing at all. The spirit however, is onboard with bird by bird.

Bird by Bird 🦜