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Free Workshop: Starting a Substack

Free Workshop: Starting a Substack

Tuesday, January 31st at 7pm EST

Writing is one of the best ways to communicate what you do and build a community around your vision. There is no better way to improve your writing than to do it in public using a blog or newsletter tool.

Substack is a newsletter platform that has many extra features are giving traditional blogging platforms Wordpress and Medium a run for their money. Substack writers can feature each other's work, and create paid memberships to unlock a path to sustainability as a creative.

And Substack is not limited to just writing as there are people doing all sorts of creative things with sound and video on the platform as well.

I have been operating The Sunday Bagel newsletter for almost two years on Substack, so I'm happy to discuss this platform for people who are familiar with it and have considered starting a new writing project this year.

The benefits of Substack are:

  1. Great looking interface for reading and writing newsletters, with a dedicated app for engaged readers.
  2. The ability to collaborate with different writers and cross-promote each other's work
  3. Paid memberships for people interested in monetizing their writing
  4. The ability to embed audio and video directly into the newsletter with either native players or media from YouTube/Spotify
  5. Text to speech in the app version to help create audio versions of your newsletter for people who prefer to listen instead of reading

This webinar will cover the following areas:

  • How to pick a topic and make this process easy on yourself
  • Selecting a cadence for publishing your Substack
  • Looking at branding elements specific to this platform
  • Going through the settings to make sure your newsletter functions the way you want
  • A look at extra features such as Chat, Threads and Paid Memberships
  • Exploring some of the most popular Substacks to see what features they are using
  • Q/A to address any questions that you might have about this project

Tuesday, January 31st at 7pm EST
Price: Free

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