New Mix: One Day Things Will Remain Still

New Mix: One Day Things Will Remain Still

Every few weeks I take a break from appearing on camera to compile music that was recorded for Elliott’s Podcast. This edition highlights my take on ambient and new age music as I continue to build a home in this corner of the musical universe. I think this mix is a worthwhile listen if you’ve been enjoying my music lately.

This mix also features the Algonquin Trilogy which are songs that I had paired up with a lake from my hiking trip this past summer (Provoking, Head, Harness).

The tracklist for this mix:

  • Provoking Lake Sunset
  • The Map
  • Gonawinda
  • Harness
  • Head

You can also listen on Apple Podcasts. The Patreon version has Elliott’s voice removed from the beginning which is a premium feature.