The Sunday Bagel Newsletter

I started the Sunday Bagel as a way to send out my work every week. Sundays can be stressful as the weekend closes in, but I thought it would be nice to work with this day in particular as I don’t have to compete with a million other emails that you receive that day.

The other thing is that being of Jewish descent and living in Toronto, there is probably no Sunday that goes by without me eating my poppyseed bagel. No matter what dieting trend I latch onto, that bagel is a constant, and I hope that my connection with readers and listeners takes on a similar relationship over time.

What’s Inside?

The Sunday Bagel is really a mechanism to deliver my podcast which is where I spend most of my effort. Elliott’s Podcast has a mix of discussion about my interest in developing creative habits, as well as a piece of music that is often of the improvised nature.

I also use this time to let you know about any new music that I’ve released, as well as share interesting finds that inspired me during the week.