Elliott's Podcast

I started Elliott's Podcast in 2021 after helping some clients produce their own podcasts that I wasn't impressed by. So the writing was on the wall: I had to make my own podcast or never be able to offer an opinion to others about how their podcast should take shape.

The core theme of all the episodes is this is my way of showing up and being human. I do very little editing. I don't have a fancy YouTuber setup.

This would be a great show for people who like to drink tea and write in their journal, as they can do this type of activity while listening.

Listen and watch on Spotify and YouTube, and find it on just about any other podcast player like Apple and Google Podcasts below.

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‎Music · 2022
Elliott’s Podcast
Every week, Elliott sits down to play music made exclusively for this podcast, in addition to featuring tracks that have been released and offering some behind-the-scenes commentary about them. Http://elliottfienberg.com