Lately I have been interested in examining and categorizing various thoughts that I have throughout the day. It occurred to me that the thoughts which cause negative stress are making me poor. Not necessarily financially poor, but poor from the standpoint that they take life away from you.

They do this on a scientific level because stress releases toxins into the bloodstream and takes time off of your life. Your blood pressure rises and it will never come down until you learn how to separate yourself from this mess.

But poor, negative thoughts also remove you from the present moment. Wrapped up in this or that issue, you feel like your mind has the answer to everything. And it simply doesn’t.

Rich thoughts on the other hand, are centered around visualizing the impact you can make. Taking you to your dream space in life. These constructive thoughts (similar to constructive feedback), turn down the volume on thoughts which remove life.

Now since I have discussed rich and poor here, I guess it is worth addressing the context that we usually know these words. It is possible that negative thinking can motivate someone to make an impact, which in turn makes them financially well-off. Every Batman needs some sort of Joker to motivate them in some way. However I do believe that it is more beneficial to your health to align yourself with positive and constructive points of view.

If a musician is motivated by the unfairness of the business model that streaming presents, and they spend all their time in the Web3 space, they might overlook the possibility of making it easy for people to listen to their music.

On the other hand, being driven by the warmer visualization of being able to touch millions of people regardless of how much money this generates is a lot more easy on the mind and body.

On an even more granular level, I might be willing to go as far as saying that all thoughts are poor thoughts. And the time when this applies is when it’s time to do the thing that stresses you out. When it’s time to practice guitar, I don’t know if any thought really helps. Positive or negative, it is in the way of doing the work that the subconscious is already onboard with - picking up the guitar and sitting in the chair with it.

Rich thoughts and poor thoughts are a choice that we make every day.

Rich Thoughts, Poor Thoughts