The Fear of Being Boring

The Fear of Being Boring

When preparing this upcoming release, it occurred to me that we are easily governed by a fear of being boring. Specifically, appearing to be perceived as boring to our friends or ideal community.

This bubbled up to the surface because the main track I had been working on for it is fairly subdued. The composition itself is basic. The sounds were mostly recorded from instruments in my room, not hyper-processed out of the box like many of the sounds I typically use.

And I had to sit with this fear of being boring for weeks. Many times I did not want to release the track. But eventually I gave in to the opposite of this fear which is a willingness to grow and a willingness to try new things.

In a society that is caught up with flashy trends and being needy for attention, there is true power in sitting with the fear of being boring and using it to your advantage. Specifically because what you're doing is not hip, you are now tapping into the source of what matters when we make art, and getting down to the roots of creative action.

Some people call it authenticity but it really comes down to stepping in to the journey of simply expressing yourself in ways that are not tied to attention-seeking.