Something that you might overlook doing is how easy it is to reach out to other artists whose work you admire and appreciate. When I listen to music on Spotify, if a track jumps out at me I try to click through to read about the artist and head over to their Instagram.

More often than not, their follower level is at a modest number and if that's the case, I try to send a message to tell them that I discovered their music what I think about it. I don't have to send them my music as they can click through to my profile to learn more if they wish to do so. And that's not even the goal of this habit.

The goal can be to build a supportive network over time of like-minded people. You probably want that network to be people who are working on similar goals as you. If you seem to have a bit of a connection, it's ok to send the person your work and ask for feedback.

You cannot expect a vibrant conversation from reaching out to strangers but you never know when you might find someone who can help you and vice versa.

Reaching Out 📞