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The Mind of a Songwriter

Earlier this summer I began recording some of my podcasts in parks. I got some positive feedback on the project, but there were a few weeks where I had to retreat and go back to recording in my home. And then it was hard to get back out to the park.

This week I was able to get back out there with my old friend Matt James from Townhouse Music. We sat down in Joseph Workman Park in Toronto to discuss the creative process that goes into songwriting, mastering your instrument and some of the other nuances about being a musician inside a bustling city. He also played two songs for us.

Whenever I talk about music on my podcast, I always try to make sure that the discussion is done in a way that anyone can understand it or get some tips from it, regardless of your ability to play music.

We are in front of a wall, which is part of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health building behind us. This was a boundary wall for what was then called the Provincial Lunatic Asylum. The wall was built in 1861, and in the start of the episode Matt tells us a bit about how it was constructed.

Looking back on this choice of location and the discussion that ensued, I would say it the two were related because a lot of work in the creative industries often comes down to managing mental health. While that wall as a backdrop can be seen as ominous, it’s also a source of light that on the other side of it is a place that’s there to help people who are struggling.

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