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The Artist’s Oath

The Artist’s Oath
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

There is the Hippocratic Oath in medicine which reminds doctors that they have a set of ethics to live by when doing their work. And it is centered around the best interests of the patients at all time.

If I were to transfer this sort of oath to the work that goes into making music or creating art, I would say that we must be willing to work for our listeners or viewers at all time.

And you might wonder if this means that there is some sort of quality of work that must be preserved for the interests of the listener, and I would argue that this is more relevant to the quantity of work.

There is a flow of energy that each person has for writing or performing music. When the mind turns the flow off, it is very difficult to start it again. Don't turn the flow off because you are full of doubts of what people might think.

The work that is in the best interests of the audience simply demands that you show up to do that work in the first place. It's a very easy concept in theory and difficult in practice.

However, it begins by taking this oath that you will do everything in your power to keep up this connection with your listener and to not let it drift away for no good reason.