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The Simplest Business Model

Creators might be tempted to come up with complex ways for people to fund their work. I speak from experience. It takes one over-thinking creator to know one.

I have done quite a bit of research on this topic lately, in addition to experimenting with different models on my own in the past, so I came up with a very simple model that anyone can use.

It goes like this: Prioritize Getting Over Your Stuff  (PGOYS - or, Pagoish)

What that means specifically is to find out what is blocking you from doing your most creative work, and plan to work through that instead of anything involving finding an audience and charging them money.

This is why working on something like your fear of posting a video, sharing a blog post, or getting in touch with people who might be interested in what you do is more important than any other plan you can come up with.

Because if you are blocked, all the plans you make, no matter how great or crappy, are going to stay on paper. You need to learn how to work through the challenges that the inner critic poses. And you have to learn how to roll with the punches when ideas don't work out.

When you do something like start a podcast you will come up against all your issues every time you make an episode. Even if you post it and don't share it with anyone, you will still have doubts about that. However bit by bit, you can work through these issues and start to build your audience and create projects that help fans go to the next level.

It would be very hard to go from 0 to 10 without a few baby steps thrown in along the way.