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Your iPhone Mic Works Good Enough

Your iPhone Mic Works Good Enough

I really enjoyed this series from Ableton with engineer Liz Teutsch as I think anyone can benefit from the info here.

I recently helped a friend record some meditations and I had her using her iPhone rather than go out and buy a dedicated USB mic. The mic shootout confirms that this will work for most people, in addition to giving you other ideas for how to capture that audio.

One thing that I learned from the video other than the quality of the iPhone mic is that you still might want to place a pop filter in front of it, which is an issue I had with my friend recording her meditations.

The creative habit here is to work with whatever's closest to you. I recently recorded longform video using my iPhone in Algonquin Park, and even though I would've enjoyed using my Sony camera, this turned out just as good as I can expect and didn't weigh my bag down even more.

Read the full article on Ableton's site for more info about the facilitator and the talented singer Gÿe.